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Ad Server

Server for Banner Ads
  • Rotate & Deliver hundreds of thousands to millions of ads to your site.

  • Yes you can track Text-Links! Tracking text link advertisements and referrals is easy with

  • Richmedia Ad support! Yes advantageseoservices fully supports the serving, tracking, and reporting oof Richmedia ads.

  • Easy to use, straight forward online administration tools, for adding, targeting, grouping of ads and campaigns. Constantly being enhanced.

  • Serve up internal ads, as well as from third party networks through one single html tag.   HTML and 3rd Party Banner rotation and tracking.  

  • Powerful cache-busting capabilities

  • Targeting based on groups (which you create), dates, range of dates, domain, browser, time of day, day of week, and more constantly being added!

  • Tracking of views, clicks, and click-through-rate.

  • Display of detailed reports by month, week, and day.

  • Remote access for customer report access.

  • Both Static HTML and Server-side Include (SSI) support available.

advantageseoservices is confident you'll find our services & features comparableand affordable compared to much more expensive services available on the market. Our service is geared towards small to medium sized sites, and is scalable to large sites as well. Click Here for Ad Server Rates 

Ad Management Services Summary:
  • Fast, Reliable, Ad Serving Service. Running on our highly optimized, reliable systems we provide the systems & resources to serve up your inventory.

  • No hardware or software to buy & install. No costly upgrades, no confusing software to install & configure. Our simple, straight forward, easy to use interface can have you up and serving ads within minutes.  

  • Serve up ads from anywhere! Ads can be served up from your own internal ad sales as well as other Third party network servers! So this means you can serve & track ads from virtually anywhere from 1 Single HTML AD Tag! 

  • Non stop reliability & performance. We count on our own ad serving systems to serve ads and generate revenue for other web site properties we own. We rely on the advantageseoservices systems to serve up millions of ads per month to our own sites. You'll have confidence in knowing a vendor like us is using their own mission critical advantageseoservices servers. 

  • Constant improvements on our ad serving service. There is never an upgrade when using Our highly skilled technical engineers are constantly enhancing the system, adding new targeting capabilities & new reporting features. Due to the nature of the ad banner service as we build these new features into our service you'll have instant access to them! 

  • Are you interested in Ad Serving network to generate income or increase traffic? Try our NEW banner, text, inline internet advertising network This new service is built upon advantageseoservices ad serving technology expertise, but better! It combines the proven experience of advantageseoservices ad delivery, with an easy to use buying and selling interface to increase your webmaster/website income. Or If you are an advertiser looking to buy advertising. Our new ad network is building up with affordable banner ad, text link, and "inline ad" advertiser inventory to generate more traffic and visitors to your site.
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