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The Benefits of Marketing with Mommy Bloggers

  • Generate Buzz for your products and services when popular bloggers post about them on their high-traffic websites.

  • Promote Brand Awareness by increasing your company's visibility among homemakers, consumers, hobbyists, and other relevant enthusiasts.

  • Increase Traffic when you're featured on multiple, trusted blogs with large followings.

Using Influential Bloggers for Social Media Marketing & Branding

As individuals become increasingly reliant on social media for news and information, those who hope to create a solid presence online must turn to alternate methods of advertising. Simple search engine promotion isn't enough; advertisers must create an image for their companies, products, and services. One key way of doing this is to take advantage of blogger buzz by soliciting posts and reviews on popular blog sites.

AdvantageSEO can help you to target influential bloggers who can help to promote your website to their followers, as well as via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking venues. Our advisers will help you locate active, high-traffic blogs that are a good match for the products and services you want to advertise. Then we can ask these bloggers to talk about your company in the context of a post, providing a review or just a product-placement type of mention for your wares. Posts like this can be extremely productive for growing businesses that need a creative way to garner exposure. They can also help more established sites by linking them to a popular or influential blogger.

Mommy blogs are getting the most buzz lately; many stay-at-home moms have turned writing into a small business of sorts, and some have reached near celebrity status doing so. If you have a family-oriented product, these women are the ones to turn to for promotion and sales. However, mommies aren't the only ones blogging. There are popular bloggers covering a wide range of topics from automobiles to zoology, so no matter what your business does, we can find you quality sites that will drive traffic and sales to your page.

Of course, when you're talking about marketing, traffic isn't the only measurement you need. Advertising with bloggers is largely about branding, too. The right bloggers will establish that your company is trustworthy, unique, important, and useful, encouraging their followers to not only visit but give you their business as well. Their reputation as a trusted source of information can be used to boost your reputation, too, giving you a creative and profitable way to market your services.

By selecting only the highest quality, most reputable bloggers who are mindful of both their site's image and disclosure regulations, we can ensure that you get the best results from any campaign you run through Our selections are designed to maximize your exposure, generate buzz, and improve the overall public image of your website. Whether you've used blogs in advertising before or you want to experiment with something new, we can aid you in finding a solution that meets your budget and your goals!

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