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"PPC" refers to paying for clicks aka Pay Per Click. Generally speaking Search Engines are a business and are trying to generate income. They have bills to pay just like you and everyone else. So how do they make money? They sell listings/advertisements in one shape or another. With PPC you pay a fee that ranges from .5 cents to 5 dollars and up depending on the "Competitiveness" of the term. Overture, and Google Adwords are the 2 most well known PPC services. There are additionally smaller services such as findwhat that also provide PPC feeds.

"SEO" refers to Search Engine Optimization. This generally refers to "natural" or "Organic" results. They are the non-sponsored results that a search engine returns back to the searcher as "relevant"

PPC and SEO combined are often combined referred to as "Search Engine Marketing"


PPC came out about 6 years ago with the original "" which is now known as Overture. Before that search engines would send back "natural results" (referred to as SEO) to the surfer and serve up Banner Ads relevant to the search. So if you suched for Bananas, you would likely see a banner Ad for banannas (if there was one), and if not you were served up a "Generic Ad". Along came with a new concept. Have Websites "Bid" for their position in the search engine results. Economics and the free market at its best, the highest bidder received the top spot and therefore depending on relevancy received the Most clicks. The concept took off and other companies soon followed with their own pay per click search engine system.

Is PPC right for me?
Well thats a difficult question to answer. Generally speaking we recommend to our customers a balanced approach between natural SEO and PPC listings. Never put your eggs all in one basket. Depending on the competition in your market and your search phrase your cost per click can easily pass $5,1$0,$20 Per Click. That may be a difficult amount to handle for smaller websites who have limited advertising budgets. Even if you do have plenty of money to spend on PPC listings, many times surfers "zone" out of the paid listings and look to the natural listings only.

PPC Positives
  • Fast results. Generally speaking PPC listings can be analyzed, activated and turned on in a matter of days or weeks.
  • You get what you pay for. The highest bidder generally speaking achieves the greatest number of clicks.
  • PPC Results Analysis can be analyzed on a concrete basis. You purchase 1,000 clicks at .10 cents a click. Out of that you recieve 10 sales at $50 each. So for $100 dollars of paid clicks you achieved $500 in sales. Your ROI (return on investment) and Cost Per Sale is easy to calculate.


  • PPC Cost. Costs can add up for Pay Per Click Campaigns. You may be competiting with very large fortune 100 companies who have nearly endless amounts of funds available for advertising and marketing.
  • PPC Tracking and reporting. Keeping track of the competition and management of your pay per click campaigns can be a time consuming full time task. Our staff of SEO consultants can provide Pay Per Click Management services to maintain and track campaigns for you and report back on how you are doing. Additionally advantageseoservices has partner agreements with companies that can provide pay per click xml feeds to various search engines and maintain these feeds for you.


Natural SEO

On the other hand Natural SEO is a drawn out process that takes 2,3,4 months and beyond to achieve top rankings on highly competitive terms. With a moderate PPC budget that we can manage for you, you will have achieve fast results and more traffic as the turn around time on ppc listings is generally less then 5 business days. Optimizing your site for organic "free listings" will often take restructuring the content of your website.

SEO Positives

  • Strategic Search Engine Optimization Results are typically long lasting although do change from time to time.. You pay an upfront fee and there is no cost per click.
  • Sponsored Listings Ignored Many surfers "Zone Out" of sponsored (PPC) results , and look to the "regular listings" for what they are looking for. This is just a natural phenomena, just as some tv viewers respond to commercials and some do not. Both are consumers but get and absorb their information by different means.
  • Long term SEO strategy. PPC campaigns are quick fixes to traffic, however you can easily be outbid by other companies with deeper pockets. Focusing on the SEO part of online marketing greatly increases your long term profitability.

SEO Negatives

  • SEO is a Long term process. Changes are not immeadiate and take weeks to several months to improve ranking.
  • Page Changes Required You must be willing to change the structure and content of your website and pages. This means directly editing the pages and content of your site. If you are unwilling to make any changes, SEO will likely not work for you.
  • Certain web technology causes problems Sites that are heavy on graphics, heavy flash, use javascript or other client side scripting languages exclusively, will have a difficult time of achieiving.

Achieving top search engine ranking is a daunting task, if you are a do-it your self kinda person, thats fine and we wish you luck. Of course we recommend you consult with one of our seo consultants to evaluate your website and provide a professional suite of Promotion Company.

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