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The following is our free seo tools provided by our programmers at The free tools and utilities cover the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization. Our marketing company specializes in search engine marketing services, if you need further assistance or would like a consultant to contact you for more information visit our SEO optimization .

SEO Tools: PageRank Check Link Popularity Indexed Pages SERPS Utility IP Utility Whois Lookup SEO Optimzation Services

Google PageRank Checker Tool

Using our free lookup for pagerank to see query and check the current pagerank as reported by google for a URL. Our realtime pagerank reporting tool will allow you to see what the current pagerank is reported on in Google.

Link Popularity Utility

Determine how your site link popularity is doing with our free search engine optimization links lookup service. Our free tool will query the major search engines such as google, yahoo, and msn and report back on your link popularity.

Pages Indexed by Search Engines

Search engine optimization tool to query the pages indexed on a website in the search engine. The Query Tool will query the major search engines such as google, yahoo, msn and report back how many pages on the website are indexed on major search engines.

Search Engine Results Pages SERP Lookup

Our serps utility is used to check the current search engine results pages. The SERPS Lookup Tool will query the major search engines for keywords and see if a url is found.

IP Address Tool

The IP Lookup Utility checks the ip address you are currently connecting to the server from. It displays information about your web browser, ip address, and information used by web servers.

Whois Lookup Utility

The Whois Information Lookup Utility checks the internet domain registration in central databases and returns back the who-is information for that domain.

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