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Professional Link Audit

Our Experts Can Eliminate Current or Potential Problems By:

  • Reviewing your existing backlinks for optimal quality and performance.

  • Analyzing appropriate anchor text for new link-building efforts.

  • Contacting other webmasters to have low quality or potentially damaging links removed on your behalf.

AdvantageSEO Link Auditing Service

Despite changing algorithms and varied search engine promotion techniques, backlinks have always been a critical part of any website's organic traffic strategy. However, recent updates like Google's Penguin have once again changed the rules. While high-quality, relevant links remain extremely valuable and will continue to be an important component of any SEO campaign, certain others are now detrimental. In the past, these may not have carried much weight. Now, they are actually damaging a site's ability to rank well.

Whether your webpage took a hit or you simply want to protect yourself against one in the future, our professional team can analyze and evaluate your links, manage needed removals, consult with you on best practices, and help you to move forward with an effective, coordinated marketing plan.

Qualified Analysis: By reviewing your backlinks, we can determine whether or not your current strategies are inclined to help or hurt you with future updates. Our experts will take the time to consider your sources, the types of links you've been receiving (hard vs. contextual vs. graphics or buttons), and your chosen anchor texts. By seeing which words or phrases are overused, considering how well branded your site is (or isn't), and reviewing your performance within popular search results, we can recommend the best tactics for advancing your website.

Damaging Link Removals: Once we evaluate your current portfolio, we can decide which of your backlinks might need to be taken down in order to create a more Google-friendly situation for your site moving forward. At this time, we can reach out to the hosts of lower-quality ones and ask that they remove them. This is a common request in light of recent algorithm changes, and most site owners are happy to comply. However, contacting each one with your request, tracking changes, and following up if you don't hear back right away is a time consuming process that can take you away from more pressing matters. Our associates can remove unhelpful links to get your site back on track, and back on the first page!

Expert Consultation: Whether you want us to manage your exchanges indefinitely or you want advice on how to best handle things yourself, our consultants can review your business, goals, and history to provide you with a solid plan to help you move forward in the most effective way possible. Using best practices, our team will guide you in selecting appropriate keywords to target, choosing the best anchor text for backlinks, using various forms of social media, blogs, and press releases to advance your rankings, and making your site as search engine friendly as possible.

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