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List Management

Management of Mailing Lists
  • Manage, Process, Personalize and Mass/Bulk Deliver email to hundreds of thousands to millions of your customers or email list subscribers. Effective email marketing services! 100% Double Opt In Email List Confirmations.

    Please Note This is Not a Spam/Bulk Email List delivery Service. All of our customers must sign no-spam agreements for List Management Software Services.

  • Easily Personalize your announcements and newsletters! Our list management delivery service allow flexible and easy personalization/mailmerge of the readers email address, nickname, or accountid! Personalize the subject too!

  • Yes you can track and report on embedded Text Links! Our ad serving, tracking, and reporting system is tightly integrated with list management service. Accurately tracking text link click throughs, advertisements, referrals is easy with!

  • Multiple Email Sub Lists! You can create different groupings within your list based on topic of interest, type of customer or anything you like!

  • Easy Subscibe/Unsubscribe. Our third party list management services allow for easy subscribe/unsubscribe options for your customer. Each letter has an embedded URL at the end to unsubscribe, as well as instructions to reply back with Unsubscribe, or Subscribe. 100% Opt-In email list marketing.

  • Easy Integration. A Subscribe form "Enter Your Email Address" can be neatly integrated into your site. Your subscriber will never know they left your website and came back to subscribe to your list.

advantageseoservices is confident you'll find our recommended list management distribution services & featured above, comparable to much more expensive services available on the market. The opt in email list manager software service above is geared towards small to medium sized sites, and is scalable to large sites as well. Click the button above for Email List Management Service Pricing & Free Trial

  • Fast, Reliable, Processing & Delivery Service.
    Running on highly optimized, reliable systems we provide the email marketing mangement service & resources to deliver your list! Send thousands per hour!

  • No hardware or software to buy & install. No costly upgrades, no confusing software to install & configure. Their simple, straight forward, easy to use email list manager interface can have you up and delivering within minutes.  

  • Non stop reliability & performance. Our systems are built on 100% reliable 'open source' tools. We count on the delivery and processing systems to keep in touch with our customers through email announcements.

  • Constant improvements of the email list manager service listed above. There is never an upgrade when using the service above. Their highly skilled technical engineers are constantly enhancing the list management service, adding new targeting capabilities & new reporting features. Due to the nature of the service as we build these new features into our service you'll have instant access to them! Use our email marketing services to effectively reach your customers. Read more about our List Management Services
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