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Added: May 4, 2011

Search engine optimization is typically seen as "free advertising" because it requires effort but not a large budget. Once you get your site to rank on the first few pages of organic search results for your targeted keywords, you can expect sales to take off. However, there are some cases in which paid advertising makes sense - even when you are simultaneously working hard to increase backlinks and move your site up through the rankings the old fashioned way.

First, consider what you hope to accomplish by advertising your website. Are you selling a product or service? Do you need to increase brand awareness? Is your site designed to raise awareness about an important subject or raise funds for a good cause? As long as you are looking to generate some kind of profits, the right ad campaign will likely help you reach your goals.

If your web business is new, traditional pay per click (PPC) advertising may be a good choice for you. Used correctly, you can set a reasonable budget with the knowledge that your site will start getting seen right away. Even though you should also be optimizing your site for search engines, PPC ads are a quick and efficient way to start generating revenue while you wait for your SEO efforts to pay off.

Local companies - new or old - will have an easier time getting ranked in organic search results, but they may want to consider setting aside a budget for offline advertising. Billboards, fliers, and creatively designed signs are very important in establishing a presence within a community, and these can be made to incorporate the company website for maximum exposure. Make sure to choose a memorable, relevant domain name, and your customers will keep it in mind no matter where it appears, boosting your sales and your site traffic.

Finally, internet advertising can often be used to directly benefit your optimization efforts. Paying for carefully placed backlinks or articles is not only good for publicity, it's also good for SEO. While those results will take some time to be visible, they are worth the investment.

Paying for adverts can be a wise choice for businesses of all types. Presenting the image of your business as competent, secure, and worthy of patronage is very important when it comes to success, and you can use various advertising methods to present that impression to your potential customers. Set your budget and adhere to it carefully, but don't reject the possibilities of paid exposure. Whether you're using it for SEO purposes or simply to raise awareness and drive visitors to your website, marketing didn't obtain its rich history without the ability to provide significant results. Remember, you have to spend money to make money.

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