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Removal Of Poor Backlinks that are Negatively Impacting Site Ranking

With this cleanup service our company will perform analysis and auditing of your current incoming link profile. A seo optimization consultant will determine which of them may be effecting your positioning and rankings in a detrimental way. Our consultants will then contact websites and attempt removal of those links that may be causing penalties or effecting your website marketing negatively.  A specialist in deleting old or paid links that can be causing harm to your site will contact owners and seek removal.

  • Backlink profile analysis, auditing and reporting.
  • Check for over optimization of anchor text issues.
  • Beneficial to remove clean up and remove bad spammy techniques, or any blackhat method of acquisition that may be negatively impacting your site.
  • A consultant will then contact website owners and seek removal and deletion of your bad links pointing to your website.
  • Reports are provided on which ones were successfully removed.
  • Best effort is made to contact and seek removal of links. In some cases it maybe difficult or impossible to do and we will report back which ones were not removed.
  • This basic service is suitable for smaller websites without large numbers of poor quality backlinks.
  • This cleanup may help you overcome search engine over optimization penalties.
  • This service is aper link service and you can cancel at anytime.

NOTE: With our "Basic" service, after ordering, you need to provide us with the contact info/email address and list of urls you want removed in a spreadsheet.  Determining proper contact info / contact forms is a labor intensive process. If you want us to analyze your backlinks, determine / discover the email address / fill out contact forms, please use our advanced level service

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