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Negative or Poor Backlink Removal Company

This package is for larger websites that may have potentially hundreds or thousands of bad spammy links pointing to their site.  If you are a website owner who has a shady or inorganic link profile, the links or the anchor text itself may be harming your site. With this clean up service our company will perform extensive analysis, auditing and reporting of your current website profile. A search engine optimization consultant will evaluate which of them may be negatively impacting your positioning and rankings in a harmful way. Our consultants will then contact websites and attempt removal of those links that may be causing penalties or negative effecting your website marketing.  A specialist in deleting old or paid links that can be causing harm to your site will contact owners and seek removal.

  • Incoming Link profile analysis, auditing and reporting.
  • We will evaluate over optimization (OOP) penalty of anchor text issues.
  • This service is very beneficial to scrub and clean your backlinks. Remove bad spammy or any black-hat methods that may have a negative impact on your site.
  • A consultant will then contact site owners and seek deletion of bad ones  pointing to your website.
  • Reports are provided on which ones were successfully removed.
  • Best effort is made to contact and seek removal of links. In some cases it is difficult or impossible.
  • This basic service is suitable for larger websites with hundreds or thousands of bad quality backlinks.
  • This cleanup should help you overcome search engine over optimization penalties and improve your rankings.
  • This service is a per link service.

Note: With our advanced service, we will investigate and determine the contact info / contact forms/make several attempts to have your link removed. This can be very labor intensive. We cannot guarantee link removal (nobody can). Only a best effort will be made. We do not offer any refunds for attempted and unremoved links. With our advanced method we will consult, analyze  your backlink profile and make suggestions on which links should be removed.

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