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  • Custom Text: Keep your website and blog fresh with well-written, relevant articles that will bring your customers in on a regular basis.

  • Uniform Tone: Let our team of highly-trained writers develop and maintain the right tone for branding your site.

  • SEO Optimized: Our work will take into account best practices to ensure that your pages are Google-friendly.

Expert Writing for SEO & Branding

One of the first things to learn about search engine optimization is the catchphrase, Content is king. Link-building, pay-per-click, and social media marketing are all secondary to keeping your website up -to-date and populated with unique, helpful, relevant written content. When Google crawls your site, the text on it is what the engine will use to determine what it's about and how it should appear in the organic results. While meta-tags can provide some of this information directly, the individual words you present to the world are far more important.

Of course, you can't just write things that appeal to calculating robots. The text on your site must also appeal to your customer base, and if handled properly, it can be a critical part of your branding. As an example of branding through content, consider popular deal site Groupon, which uses a very lively yet uniform writing style in all of its postings. To maximize the professional appearance of your site, you too will want to make sure that your pages are filled with consistently written, interesting articles. Our team of dedicated content specialists can customize articles, blog posts, FAQs, tutorials, and other pages that will create an overall image for your site.

When crafting text for your webpages, AdvantageSEO will make sure that each one adheres to recommended best practices for linking and keyword density. These days, over-optimizing a site can be every bit as detrimental as under-optimizing, so our skilled team will make sure to create articles that include some of your targeted words and phrases without abusing them.

In addition, we can help you maintain a blog or news section on your site where customers and potential clients can find updated information, new product release dates, company events, contests, and other news that will keep them returning on a regular basis. These updates are beneficial for SEO as well as for customer retention, since they give the search engines even more text to review when placing your site. Rather than taking the time to post updates yourself, our team can post blog entries or news articles for you on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your site fresh and interesting.

Let our company help you to develop a content and branding strategy that will increase your rankings, drive traffic to your site, and present a unique, professional image to clients and customers.Whether you choose to outsource your content creation to us or simply want us to consult with you on the best ways to use text to improve your site, we are here to help. Contact us for a quote today!

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